Crag Tag Help Please How to beat?


Do I have to buy the speed ring to beat this level? I’m a paid member.

# Pender is the only friend here, so she’s always the nearest.
pender = self.findNearest(self.findFriends())

if pender:
    # moveXY() will move to where Pender is,
    # but she'll have moved away by the time you get there.
    self.moveXY(pender.pos.x, pender.pos.y)
    # move() only moves one step at a time,
    # so you can use it to track your target.


No, you haven’t. This level can be done without speed ring.


as ImDev says, no speed ring required . . . just follow the directions given and write the code it tells you to write.


This can be beaten quite easily with Anya and a pair (any pair almost) of boots. As Vievo says:

Your code above uses two move statements, so use only the one it wants you to use. If you are confused about which to use and how, here are the differences between the two:

  • moveXY(x, y) - moves the hero until it reaches the (x,y) coordinates. Your hero can do nothing until it reaches those coordinates.
  • move(position) - moves the hero one step toward the position provided. After the step is made, control of your hero returns to you.
    • position: an object containing x and y properties. In many cases, this can be retrieved from the enemy or item you are trying to move toward. Example: self.move(enemy.pos)


I beat it. I finally figure it out.


Congratulations on your success!


@FuzzicalLogic Thanks it took me awhile to get to your comment, but it definitely helped!