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Feedback: Basin Stampede


Oh dear, the Ring of Speed breaks this one. I got through it by setting my target at the oasis, and then just soaking up the Yak collision (which pushes me towards the oasis anyway).


The level is not as simple as it looks like. IMHO there sould be some words about yak’s X-pos (that he must be behind the hero).
Still I like this level.
P.S. I have not use my speed-ring to pass it. It works well.


Passed it with ring of speed using Pender - maxSpeed seems to be limited to 5 :slight_smile:

I did what is expected (zig-zag as explained in the level guide) and it worked when I ran my code, but I was hit by a yak when submitted it (see example). However, it ran correctly on the next submit.

There is no “scores” button for this level, which seems logical, but not usual.

Otherwise, nice and simple level!

[update] quick and dirty solution if you have 150+ health:

self.moveXY(150, 17)

(works with move() also)

[update 2] I see now the “scores” button, but there is no leaderboard. Could we just go back to the no “scores” button?


Passed it. I like how you can’t tooltip over the screen to see the X and Y coordinates (or my computer was being weird).


It’s been done on other levels already. However, you can easily say() your/your enemiy’s/etc position, or even more easily just click on any sprite (hero/friend/enemy) and move your mouse over its name to show its current location, target, etc:

click to see screenshot


It’s a good level, but I found that it can easily be beaten by building a fence or even a fire trap at the beginning of the lane, then simply walking down it to the oasis.



I finished the stage using move() instead of moveXY(). I was wearing Ring of Speed and I mooved between Y:12 and Y:22.
I didn’t have a contact with any Yak


This one is pretty easy if you have the right armor


Using the recommended code — moveXY(xPos + 5, yPos ± 3) — with Tharin equipped with Ring of Speed, I got broken seeds most of the time. I had to submit about 8 times until I finally got a good seed.


I also experienced the above.
I decided to try first the most obvious thing, which was to walk straight towards the end. This strategy seemed the most obvious because the starter code showed my character walking backwards (due to moveXY) after getting hit the first time. When staying in the original line, the yak behind only charges once, so I was able to survive by having over 150 health. It’s probably not uncommon for players to have that much health at that stage of the campaign. Maybe the yak should charge more times or do more damage.

Not sure if different speeds would break it – maybe it’s one of those levels that set your speed?

Using the recommended code and Anya with Ring of Speed, I didn’t pass for the first three seeds, meaning the recommended strategy resulted in getting hit more times.

The level itself looks pretty cool – sort of like a high-speed chase – maybe there could be an ice-yak version. Hmm…

Edit: I looked at the level code and tried a few things.
I figured that the first yak charges only once because the “attack” command cancels out the “move” from the first frame, resulting in the yak just standing there for the rest of the level. So I changed the ref code accordingly and tested the level using the straight line strategy. This time the first yak was able to charge four times in total before Anya reached the goal.
Is that an improvement? Maybe the yak still needs to do more damage.

Edit: Another potential exploit
It is possible to use small values for the y adjustment such as 0.1 in order to pass. This is still a difference in ly, so the yak doesn’t charge. However, the hero’s path resembles a straight line. Edit: Even a small difference from pos.x = 17 means the yaks above and below can attack.


I used ± 1. Passed it first time. Perhaps change recommened code to that?


The scoreboard will show up when it’s added to a campaign. Wonder if anyone will beat my time…


Hey everybody,

I took your feedback into consideration and redid the logic fully. I abandoned the endlessly running yaks at the top/bottom and went with a more calculated yak stampede.

Please give it another try and let me know what you think of this version. It’s a bit simpler, yes, but I want to make sure the level isn’t confusing/distracting for what the code is supposed to convey.


This version is much simplier than previous one. I’m surprised that instead of correcting the discription you have changed yak’s movement.
So now [quote=“Serg, post:13, topic:6603”]
the level isn’t confusing/distracting
As I have said those yak-troubles became if the nearest yak’s posX > hero’s posX .
Now there is no reason in this check.

Still nice level anyway.


Yes, the level is much simpler. I am assuming this is one is also before thunderhooves.

It would be nice if the yaks were randomized instead of alternating, so the check did something besides a switch, but I think I would rather have the + / - number instead as too many of my students like to hardcode positions.


The level is longer so moving in a straight line towards the goal results in getting hit more times, which makes that tactic less viable. It’s more predictable so all seeds should work properly.
However, it is still possible to build a fence at the start, which blocks yaks from being near the middle. The hammers could be restricted.


@Serg I’m not sure if this due to CDN caching or something, but I’m having some issues with the new level version:

  • Using Tharin equipped with Ring of Speed, my character stops walking for a split second between moveXY calls, making it impossible to reach the Oasis before running out of time.

  • The default code’s comments are not showing correctly, they appear as <%= %> templating syntax.


The updated level is indeed more simple, but still good. However, I ran out of time and the level, using Pender with speed ring (max speed: 21 :smile:) See:


The oasis is in the middle of the run. If you are too high or too low you’ll run straight past it.
But yes, you need Pender + boots to reach it (speed 16)

About the Y pos modifier. Needs more hints to limit the range we are supposed to test( exanple pick an integer in [1 … 5] range

Note that a ±5 modifier puts you between two yak lines: you can’t detect any yak behind you but you’ll still get hit.


Ya me too I passed the yaks too but without the ring using tharin the yaks did not even touch me :grinning: