Critical hit! Nostalgia feels!

This topic is for discussion of anything retro, classic or nostalgic!
An old game? A discontinued TV show? Some wacky flavoured crisps? Chill out and get hit with some blasts from the past!

One of my favourite shows as a kid was kerwhizz, the theme tune slaps, the animation was pretty good for 2008/9 and I still hate the look of that weird blue fluffy elephant thing


pong the first computer game


Honestly isn’t terrible, just not very good

Another thing for me is that smashed piano noise the PS2 makes whenever you turn it on and that little “whoom” afterwards

ah nostalgia

I hate the fact that you have to have a minimum of 20 letters :anger:


I may not have had an OG N64 back in the 90s, but this theme always reminds me of how far Zelda has come as a franchise

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Yes, all the old Zelda games were fun, but harder then the games created nowadays. One of my favorites is a link to the past.

I also like watching Gumby. That was a good show.

I miss playing Fortnite when it was actually good

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bro i gotta agree on that
now since theres like all sweats we changed to more of madden and other games
og fortnite was so fun
now i just hate the game

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i-i still play it ;(

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I remember when I used to go RugRatz every weekend and go mental in the ball pits. And then play tag with random kid I never met and cry when I had to leave :laughing:

i had my first birthday there

Anyone remember the Tweenies?

I remember when Spongebob was in 4:3 and not widescreen :face_vomiting: