Bored? Come Chat!

If you’re really bored or just want something to do to kill some time, this is the place to be!

Sorry but this topic is not allowed.
@Deadpool198 please close.

How come?

It’s just a chat room thingy

It’s a random topic.

Ah ok, sorry
So it has to be based on something? Like a show or game?

It has to be about something.

Understood, I’ll delete this.

How do I delete this?

We wait until Deadpool or a mod comes. Its too late to delete this topic.

Ah ok
Can I make a new one, one that’s based on something?

Yes. It has to be based on a specific topic like, Topic for Roblox.

(Thats an example, don’t make that one.)

kk, sorry for not basing it on a topic, i’ll do that next time


So would this be allowed?

I mean, I guess-


Well if it isn’t, i don’t wanna risk a strike or something


What’re your thoughts?
Is this allowed?

Its fine and all, but the topic might die quickly. People want something that is more well based.

In my opinion, no that topic really isn’t necessary.
Ig you do you.

Ah ok, that’s reasonable

How’s that?

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