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Daily Rewards System

Daily Rewards
Couldn’t you make it so that we get a small reward by completing a level every day and work our way up?
Day1: 25 gems Day2: 50 gems Day3: 75 gems
Going up in 25 is a fair amount for me.
It would be a good way to earn gems if you’re stuck on the main levels but haven’t done the sub-levels…
Without having to pay! :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a daily survey that rewards gems? Although I think this is a great idea, it’ll be a pain if the deva have to make a quality level every day. Maybe increase the gems rewarded from surveys?

Never heard of it! :open_mouth:
Can you do it without a subscription and if so, how do i get to it?

Hello @Deadly_Rice0769

I am not a subscriber but i get these daily surveys. Here is a screenshot of the survey i am getting for today.

Do u have to put the setting for getting a job on?
The one that says:
“if you are REALLY good, we could give u a (better) job”

Nope :slightly_smiling_face:

So how do u get it then? :thinking: