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@milton.jinich Here we can talk about the Batman and any other superheroes from DC here

There is already a topic about Marvel.


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DC hero’s vote
  • Aquaman
  • Batman

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All about AQUAMAN

  • King of the seas
  • Mom was queen of the seas
  • He can control water and communicate with underwater creatures
  • rides on dolphin(I think he can do this)
  • has trident w/ loyalty III

(i dont know alot about him XD @WaWa_Yang )


then why say all about him lol

Its so you can edit the page about him add your personal stuff to him

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ohhhh thats cool @WaWa_Yang

i just got the acces to do it


his trident has loyalty III

You can wright it down yourself :slight_smile:


Don’t ping me and I don’t do DC

Okay then i will not ping you, don’t worry