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Deadly Dungeon - Thrower?


I can’t seem to get my hero to attack the thrower in the torture room - I can’t seem to find the type or the name, and using this.say(); is not being of any help.

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Never Mind - he’s a “Torture Master”


Are you really talking about Backwoods Brawl?
Sounds more like Deadly Dungeon Rescue to me.

If it is the latter, please change the title of your topic accordingly.


Oops, so sorry! It’s been changed!


have you tried:

enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()

I think u have to slay him twice (depends on weapon) or create a:

while > 0:

Did this help?

EDIT: i should really play in english -.- thx to @J_F_B_M


Instead of try