Defent the garrison

What is wrong with the above code of Defend the garrison?
Can someone please help me?
I have stuck this game for 5 days.

Ok, firstly, do you know how to use flags?

Your equipment is just bad :/

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They clearly do

Maybe they aren’t experienced enough with flags -_-

hello What equipment should I use to play?

I am not sure how to use the flag.
I just put it randomly.
Can you please teach me?

so in this particular level you are supposed to kite enemies and lure them into the place with archers so you use the flag and place it somewhere on the place where enemies spawn then wait for a few seconds and run back to the trap and you will be able to defeat enemies easily.


Use cleave maybe? First, get better glasses, the one your using cannot tell the number of enemies.

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Well how much health does anya has?

The problem is solved.
Thank you for your help

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Congratulations @willingtolearn !

Also, mark the solution

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Just more health and something with lower cooldown