I need help on Defend the Garrison

Here is my code:

My equipment:


1 problem. What if there are munchkins and you can’t cleave. Maybe just do this

enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
   if enemy:

I tried it but it did not work.


enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
   if hero.isReady("cleave'):

Try deleting adding an


at the end of the while-True loop

That is what I suggested(I may have gotten the indentation wrong)

2313 health
Now I have a more powerful sword. It’s the RuneSword which does not have hero.cleave(enemy)

hrmmmm the rune sword is considered a bad sword since it attacks even slower then the cleave one so I recommend the cleave one since it can take out sarms

The Rune Sword is not better here. But in Stranded in the dunes, I would recommend using the Rune Sword.

Rune sword + harioz the saumuri dude can do like 400 ish damage, plus with warcry it can stop rangers/wizards kiting

Wow. My hero is Gordon the Stalwart. It can defeat a robot in 1 strike. The hero does about 800-900 damage.

With one hit? I’m pretty sure only the grindiest or all nalfars can do that

Well, I think I do not need help now. I got a good code down now.

Please don’t post solutions here.

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@milton.jinich I deleted the answer now.

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