Diamond Dozen: The Tricky Dozen 13.09/2020

Hello, please check my code, I don’t have time to collect coins, I have time to collect 49 coins

def findBestItem(coin):
    bestItem = None
    bestValue = 0
    itemsIndex = 0
    items = hero.findItems()
    # Перебери массив предметов.
    # Найди предмет с наибольшим значением `valueOverDistance()`.
    while itemsIndex < len(items):
        item = items[itemsIndex]
        if item.value > bestValue:
            bestValue = item.value
            bestItem = item
        itemsIndex += 1
    return bestItem

Hi Ivan,

Welcome to the forum!

Your code finds the item with the biggest value. The level requires you to find the item with the biggest {value / distance}. A function that calculates the ‘valueOverDistance’ is given just above.

Hope that helps.


Welcome to the forum @IvanFedin! :partying_face: :partying_face:
Can you send me the link for this level?
Thanks, Lydia

Hello, thank you very much for your responsiveness! I already found the error, or rather found the code on the Internet, a very difficult level for me, I had to look for the answer.

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