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Disable Flags for Levels in Desert


Might Sand Yak! and Oasis, should have restriction on flags.

Instead of coding a solution on the method it suggests, I can simply create a method to manually dodge the Yaks (Mighty Sand Yak!) or have the hero cross the road to the Oasis (Oasis).

flag = this.findFlag(“green”);
if (flag){
position = flag.pos;
x = position.x;
y = position.y;
this.moveXY(x, y);


Good point; I’ve added the flag restriction in all these new relative movement levels and will deploy it later today. Thanks!


Unfortunately the flags will not be allowed anymore, the code for just following the flag could be small:
var flag = this.findFlag();
if (flag) {

no need for the move method.


Thanks for showing me the improvement for picking up flags!