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I'm stranded in stranded in the dunes =P [JavaScript]


Hola! So I can not move?! Sometimes my code lets me move, this time my map will not move with my character lol I have had no issue getting past the first part before so not sure why the map isn’t following me now?

In this picture I am to the right of what it shows in the screen

edit:: I can drag the screen to the right and see my character but it keeps dragging my screen back to the beginning point slowly…


I don’t know I did not use flags for this level maybe it has something with it?


Previously when I had used flags it was working, I will try without =)


You have to identify the enemies as skeletons. so then, when defining the enemy, you have to type down enemy = hero.findByType("skeleton")[0]


This is what I had originally when I wasn’t using flags, I was trying to do the if yaks are x>x && y> || < hero.moveXY based off that and to only attack skeletons, lalala but it wasn’t working for some reason. I’m finishing the desert and coming back to it! Already picked up a few tricks that will help =)


trick number one: don’t use chain-lightning.
trick number two: rangers are useful in this.


Lol thanks Seojin! I have enough saved for Ritic (finally) so thinking of going that route!


trick number three: don’t use shadow-vortex, or the yaks will kill you