Does anyone else feel like theres a huge leap from Sarven Desert to Cloudrip mountain?

Sarven desert was a great level for me. The levels were not to easy and not to hard it was just about right. Cloudrip mountian it seems like every level is really hard and doesnt really explain things as well as sarven desert or the previous levels. Anyone else feel this way?

It definitely gets harder. That’s why is so critical that you thoroughly learn the basics taught in the first three campaigns. It helps to revisit those campaigns and levels. My daughter is still in the Desert and working with/assisting her on those levels helps refresh and jell what I learned there the first time through.

You won’t keep this opinion after you enter the KELVINTAPH GLACIER…
Even the first one is so hard… for me…

Kelvintaph is extremely hard. I was stuck on a level for months, before some weird tweaks I’ve made in my code some how lets me pass the level.

But yeah you get boss star IV in kelvintaph, so you can heal yourself (if you’re not a subscriber) by summoning paladins!! :open_mouth:

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wait, whats the first level in kelvintaph again? I’m too lazy to check.

Kelvintaph defilir. Beat it a long time ago. BTW your title chanded @SuperSmacker


Who else here beat grid minefieald (without cheating) without taking a single heart of damage

@Archion like my new title? :smiley:

How did you get it thoa?