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Desert is too difficult! And world map


Hey guys! I’m new here, and since you do ask it I thought I’d give some feedback from what I’ve noticed so far.

First two worlds (dungeon and forest) are blatantly easy (for a programmer, that is).

Then I got to The Trials and Seven Brawls and it became hard as hell! A though stepping learn curve there.

And I found no way to generate more gems, so can’t go that route either. I wonder if anyone else got this experience (couldn’t find anything on the forums).

Anyway, I’m missing resources to move forward from here.

Also, since we got a map for this dungeon, why not make a bigger “world map” that would work as a better “describer” of the site? Like a sitemap, but for the whole project. It would include the old campaign and multiplayer in a way easier to understand.

As a newbie who haven’t really went into the arenas, I’m still struggling a bit to see how far CodeCombat goes, but from the about I now believe it’s mostly a multiplayer game rather than a solo learning course, which was IMHO amazing enough as it was.


There is a pretty big step into the desert. The Trials and Sarven Brawl are both very difficult. Sarven Brawl should be ok for the first time, but it scales in difficulty. There is also a new level in the forest, Backwoods Brawl that you can do to generate more gems.

While there are multiplayer levels, they are not emphasized as highly as there are some bugs in the implementation still, the focus is on building up the campaign as a solo learning course with the multiplayer as a place to see how you do compared to others.

I do like the idea of a larger world map.

Also, the two levels you mentioned have just been released, so there may still be some tweaking done to them.


That would be good enough, but I can’t find it on the map! Do you mean it is in the oven and not released yet?

Also I’ve only submitted Sarven once, and failed on it. Maybe I wasted gems in wrong equips, but it is way very hard from what I can see.


Try doing Munchkin Swarm again to unlock Backwoods Brawl. It probably didn’t show up because the achievement wasn’t hooked up to unlock that level when you beat it the first time. The two brawls are in Adventurer week, so balance feedback is very welcome!

Sarven Brawl: you just have to stay alive, you don’t have to kill everything. Is that part of the difficulty you’re seeing, trying to fight for two minutes?

The Trials is a new player-created level that we haven’t even released as an adventurer level yet. It was made by one of our top players, so of course he made it super extra hard. We probably need to put a more prominent super-extra-hard label on it.


As for the world map: it’s in the pipeline. Our illustrator is making a world selector screen that’s going to both let you know how many worlds there are and do a much better job of letting you navigate between worlds.


Thanks, I’ll try that! I should have know about it from this, which I’ve read. But it’d still not be enough to know from which level that “reward” comes.

I’m not trying to kill Ogres at all. Mainly throwers. I think my code is quite sophisticated for the level required from other levels before and even after that, but far from being a good AI.

I knew it was made by a player, I think it says so there, and it does say it’s hard… But I think the main problem with the campaign is not having an end. I’d say the proper way to make it prominent would be setting it as a side challenge, such as the arenas, or putting it on another map all together.

From that I think we got a very different view of what would be the world map, but I can’t wait to see it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just submitted and lost even the Backwoods. I must have sucky equipments indeed, but what could help a lot on both levels there would be being able to randomize the environment on code run before submitting.


Hmm, but The Trials is a side challenge. …?

Good idea on the randomize-without-submitting thing. I’ll track that feature here:


I don’t know, haven’t beat it, no idea what comes after. :slight_smile:


Nothing. it’s just an optional level you can try if you want to


I would agree that the desert is a bit difficult, but the main cause of confusion is the fact that most of the guide sections are blank. Starting this game and knowing absolutely no code, I felt that having to rely solely on the 1 line hints in the code text became a bit frustrating.

There were several levels in the desert where I was stuck for 1 or even 2 hours. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention well enough, but I think certain properties could have been explained better throughout the game. Like defining variables, how you can use = (in python at least) to define anything. It doesn’t have to be just “enemy” or “item.” (it took me a while to find that I could use variables in positioning as well, like item.pos.x or enemy.pos.x.) Also, I felt the “array” concept was a bit hard to understand. Essentially, after doing the levels concerning arrays, It felt like I didn’t learn how to use arrays so much as I memorized the exact sequence of code to make the arrays work.

As a complete noob, that was my take, but maybe I don’t have the right mindset for coding. Sometimes I can’t follow a code and trace the exact pattern it is executing, so having a guide to explain exactly what each process is doing would help more people like me to learn.


You can always go back and replay older levels for a refresher. Codecombat team is really good about not putting stuff in levels that you have not yet encountered without properly explaining it. The whole point is ti absorb this knowledge and keep growing. If you keep getting stuck you need to go back and replay stuff. That’s really all there is too it, or take notes :frowning:


the desert is so easy - i am a suscriber now, and i beat the desert even before i became a subscriber


I even got to the mountain before i subscribed


i have to delete this


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