Does the premium version include Java?


I would like to learn Java, but it seems that only Python and Javascript are available, so I wondered if the premium version of the game included Java? If not, do we know if they plan to make a Java version of the game soon?



I don’t think the game includes any more languages when you get premium, I’m pretty much 100% sure you don’t.
About the developers making a version in Java, I’m really not sure.
I’m sorry that you can’t learn Java with CodeCombat, but I would still recommend the other languages it has to offer, you can still get a great understanding and basis of programming languages, with any language CodeCombat has to offer.
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Java has been on the back burner for a long time now. It will mostly likely happen at some point, but it’s doubtful it will be any time soon. Even without Java, CodeCombat is a fun and easy way to learn programming and the skills you learn here easily translate into other languages.


Oh I see, thanks for your replies, I will play the game with Python then :blush: