Don’t get Off-topic

Just a free general reminder to not get off-topic in other topics. It has been happening recently And I really want to keep the community friendly. That’s all, thanks guys!
:heart: @JoPro_8000


Chaboi said not to make these “junk” topics.


Im not sure whether this counts as a junk topic. Not everyone has access to the everything PM so I cant say it there and this is just a friendly reminder. @staff feel free to close this whenever you want to

Since there is no purpose it is a junk topic.

Does your topic have a specific point? If it doesn’t it is considered a “junk” topic.

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Well, as I said, @staff feel free to close this topic. I never wanted this to be a big topic, just a reminder. Sorry if it bothers you

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@Chaboi_3000 @Deadpool198.

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Stop pinging staff. You can get in trouble

well, actually it is very important reminder.
for example, when I was active in poll topic I had to tell you every two posts that it is offtopic offtopic and offtopic.Like, people are slippering off all the time.
P.S sorry for harshness


okay. Any TL4 please close this topic. I jsut wanted it to be a reminder and sorry if it bothers anyone. THis should not have this many replies. Plus as I said earlier, not everyone is in the Everything PM so I cannot say it there. And If I say it in a topic then that will make it off-topic. I hope that solves the issue. If you want to, delete the topic if you need to