Everything goats mark 1

a fun topic no swering no adding chaboi or other people without me or qwertys permision

Ok bro.
a rule no making topic i;ll talk to you in pm.

to bad this is my topic

Welp. This topic ain’t allowed.

just leave i changed name ok please stop

Talk about anything topics aren’t allowed.

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how do you kick peopeople

know what im leaving

lol this is a topic nnot pm


If you want to make a pm

any leaders/admins/mods please close this topic

what why i want to have my own topic im actualy crying irl

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You can have your own PM, but topics are public and anyone can post in them.

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yes moon watcher is right there can’t be any junk / spam topics with no point the Doritos topic(gosh that was so long ago) proved it and chaboi also made it a rule so no junk topics

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@Deadpool198 can this topic be closed?

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