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Doom Glade level


Hi, I’m new here, so may be i wasn’t able to find anwer because i don’t know where to search.

I stuck on Doom Glade level in Blackwoods Forest and after two head-on attempts to fight oges with my knight having 844 life, i decided to use alternative strategies, for example flag-mining, but it failed too.

Is there some special strategy for this level or I should return here after completing further levels in further worlds? With some advanced knowledge and abilities?


Looks like I really don’t understand how I need to use flags to win this level.
Do I need special strategy or advanced gear/abilities/knowledge?


Possibly… :smile:

Hmm, I believe the ideas I used are introduced in the desert…

I didn’t attack the big ogres, I attacked the ranged units first and let the soldiers kill the biggun’s.


My strategy was to use omarn to pick off the ogres and shamans mainly the shamans


I definetely can’t survive a fight like this now.
So i’ll get back to this level after desert with new gear/abilities.
Thanks for all answers.