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Duelling Grounds in the Forest - stuck


I got to the Duelling Grounds in the forest, submitted a code, won a few duels, fought against a player from the ladder, but I still keep having a gray flag over the DG in the Forest map. Is that normal? Should I just ignore it and continue with other levels?

Also, once I submit my code to DG I get redirected to the ladder/simulation page, and there’s no reasonable way to get back to the world map to continue with other levels. And actually it would be nice to have this part of the game explained somewhere. e.g. what’s the “Play as Ogres” part?

Thanks in advance


You can not only play as human vs. ogres, no. That is boring.
How about playing as Ogre vs humans? Have to punch those pesky little humans in da face, right? Show them who’s the boss in the field. And, as bonus, you can wear this ultra-good looking blue uniform instead of that boring red one.


The ladder usability flow is a bit of a remnant from the old style gameplay, from before heroes existed. Pay no attention to the humans versus ogres branding! It should probably say red versus blue, but there’s a lot of places we need to change it, so haven’t done it yet, or reworked the flow.

Not sure why the gray flag there, maybe an additional session created that hasn’t won yet. I haven’t found out how those are getting created yet. Have you tried winning with both humans and ogres on there? There are no achievements for winning multiplayer levels yet, so it’s just cosmetic.


Thanks for the explanation.

The problem solved itself after some time - maybe something cached incorrectly.