Drawings! (Any Drawings Allowed)

Hey guys Monsty here, In this place, you can post your drawings!!! It doesn’t matter if you think it’s bad, everyone starts somewhere… I might redraw some drawings that are bad or someone else will or vice versa. :fox_face: :dog: :dog2: :guide_dog: :wolf: :service_dog: :poodle:

     //Im currently working on one


I’m halfway done with drago the dragon

pronounced draco

I am thinking about what to draw.

Also I am new to discourse.

Here it is my drawing(flaming arrow):

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Looks like chains and bones attached to feathers on fire. cool

whats it made of?

Welcome to the discourse @Blaze_Fire1!

It’s made of exactly what you said.

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Thank you!(20 characters)

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Oh welcome to discourse(idk you just joined)

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Hello, hello, hello, hello

Why did you revive this dead topic?


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I keep reviving the dead.

Undead Topic

Du Dum CRASH. I am death

Unless you have something to add, don’t revive old topics. It’s just a waste of time for everyone reading it. I’ve already said this, so try not to do it again.


I’m not done yet, it’s the real reason I came here and revived this topic. I may forget why I came sometimes.

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I drew this a few days ago:

(Check out „Ideas for new weapons“)



nice! it looks pretty good! i cant even draw well.

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Thanks! Everyone draws well

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