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Drink Me: inconsistent behavior


On level Drink Me, this.moveDown() does no go down to pick up bottle when Spell Cast is used.


Only when one presses the Play button the script advances down.
the other "move"s perform also when Spell Cast is pressed.


Hi Zarani! The Play button is independent from the Cast button, which is sometimes confusing. You can control playback independently of casting the spell. So perhaps what happened is that the playback got paused for you on that level after a certain point and then you had to hit “Play” in order to see the code changes when you cast a spell. Could that be it?


What I find inconsistent (and confusing) is that up to the first this.moveRight(); the plan was processed when clicking Spell Cast.
After I entered this.moveDown(); pressing Spell Cast no longer advanced for after the previous moveRight()
(but Spell Cast did replay the plan from the beginning and up to moveRight, inclusive)
Spell Cast did not play any further steps, even if I re-created the plan from scratch, or added extra moveDown’s

I was going to insert a bug report about being stuck when I pressed Play and only then the full plan was executed.