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Drop the Flag: Ends too soon?


A submission of Drop the Flag I’ve done has the session end when I’ve collected coins such that no coins appear on the screen, and no ogres have come. This apparently tricks the level into thinking that I have completed it. Is this intentional?

How is this possible ?(bug or is it visual or cheating?)

I’m not sure. I finished this level the right way… however, if it gave you the level, so be it. As long as you understand the concepts, who cares?


@Paul_Lum This is a bug report. Several members of the community are play testers and developers that want to improve the game’s experience for others. So yes, we do care about making CodeCombat better.


I apologize, I meant no disrespect. my thought process was that code combat is for learning to code, and as long as @ChronistGilver was learning, there wasn’t an issue. I know that people are working very hard to improve codecombat, and I apologize for any misunderstanding. I didn’t mean to undermine anyone in any way.


I`ve seen that before in other levels but not this one. The reason why that happened for me is because I had a lot of health


@Paul_Lum No problem — I noticed it was a misunderstanding, so I just explained the nature of our “Bugs” topics category. :wink: