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Duelling grounds inventory limitations?

Why do I get my inventory downgraded in Duelling Grounds of the Forest?

As I first enter Duelling Grounds, my hero wears Emperor’s Gloves, Edge of Darkness sword, Obsidian Shield etcetera. But after the first play, once I get to the Ladder, my hero loses these items and gets Bronze Shield, Long Sword and other pretty basic stuff.

I see other heroes have health times as much as mine. Without advanced equipment - how do I get to defeat them?

I believe it’s because there’s a red and a blue team. And the equipment and heroes are saved separately. Go to and configure your equipment for both teams. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you! You’re right. I keep all my inventory for the blue team.
The only concern is that I don’t get to configure my equipment at any point besides when I enter the Duelling Grounds from the Forest map.
I beat simple CPU AI, submit my code and hit “Return to Ladder” button. There I can opt to play as Red or Blue, choose an opponent (Easy, Medium, etc) and get to the game. I did not see any option to configure my equipment at any point after the first Warmup level.

You can configure your equipment using Game menu->Change hero. And you can configure your hero and equipment.

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Thank you! Now I saw it. I never went to change the hero in the middle of the game before…

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