Solved: Dueling Grounds ogre


How can i reset my dueling ground code in a blue side? I wrote a code 18 days ago, but since i have a lot of new items and heroes, and i can’t use in the blue side, just only in the red side. The red side can be reseted at the forest, but where can i find the blue?

I found this: Forest Dueling Grounds Trouble, but i can’t find the answer.

In this link: Guide for playing Multiplayer ladders / simulating / clans - or - How to Gem farm - read if you need multiplayer help
i found a row: "Remember that your code will be different for each team, so if you make improvements to one side, you will need to manually update the other as well."
But where can i manually update the blue side? Because i can rewrite my code but i can’t change my character.

SOLVED: Changing Gear for Multiplayer Blue Team

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