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"earthskin" spell do nothing anymore


I bought the ring of earth. I works well, but yesterday I found out that it does not work anymore. It just do nothing. So method canCast return True, but hero do not cast it in real.


Please check on some easier level if it indeed works - I would highly suggest “The Evasion” level from forest for testing things out, I just used ring of earth and it works as intended. Hopefully we’ll be able to find what’s wrong.

(Python code I’ve used):

if hero.canCast("earthskin"):
        hero.cast("earthskin", hero)

If your character stands still and does nothing while the current action is locked on casting earthskin - it means you’re trying to cast a spell while you have a cooldown on spellcasting (probably not a problem in your case, as it mostly affects only mages). Could happen though, if you’ve just used chain-lightning.


On kithgard-brawl level also does not wok.


Odd I just ran that level and it was working with Tharin


I find out that code not working in python if it iside the def function. So for me problem is solved. I just use it outside the function, but is looks like parser error.