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Edit level guide


The level guide for Zero Sum doesn’t include information on paladins in the unit stats. Is there some way I can edit it? If not, will someone please?


Oh right, I added paladins in later on. Would appreciate the help documenting them! You can submit a patch to the guide adding those stats here: and click on Settings - Documentation - Specific Articles. Once you make the edits, you can click the save icon in the upper right to submit a patch.


Thanks much for your help!

There’s another level that requires a hammer, but allows the hero to take a sword instead. How do you restrict and/or require items for a level?


Some levels that don’t absolutely require a hammer, we restrict the low-level weapons but leave the high-level weapons open in case a player wants to come back later and solve it another way. Other times we just haven’t properly restricted things. Which level is it?


Ah, I see. Perhaps I’m a little overeager to submit patches. The level is Ogre Gorge Gouger and the instructions specifically state to build a fence; however, I suppose it might be possible to beat the level by simply fighting off ogres.


Ah, we were missing a few of the swords in the middle, I see! Fixed now; thanks.