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Zero Sum Bug: Enemy is a Tharin?!


So basically, when I was doing Zero Sum, I clicked fight and then found out my opponent’s hero isn’t Pender, which shouldn’t be possible (unless you are Wizard Dude :wink:) He’s instead a Tharin, and had only 33 health…

weird, right?


That’s bizarre. I used Pender and my opponent was Pender with the same health as me. Did you reload the screen to see if it would change?


ye tried that. My griffin 2 hit him LOL (griffin does 20 dmg per hit)


LOL. Easy win. (20 char)


tbh i didn’t need it… would have had more enjoyment if i killed a pender instead. (#28 on humans leaderboard)


Still funny. Sounds like some kind of glitch.


Ye probably is. @Bryukh can you fix da glitch described