Everything topic yay

this where you can talk about any type of game or just chit chat about nothing.

well i might suggest taking out the spam as that can get you muted for a little bit @ZAX155 so is it ok if i delete the spam part?

yeah it is okay

Let’s leave chattering about “nothing” and “everything” to doritos topic.
As for games - it’s good idea to create exact topic about exact game(s).
And using such words is not cool.

Which game do you like better
  • Roblox
  • Mindcraft
  • CodeCombat
  • Other

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what if it is all of them

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would you rather…
  • never play minecraft
  • never do codecombat
  • other

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I never played Mindcraft so I’m cool with not playing Mindcraft ever

its minecraft not mindcraft

oh I didn’t know because I haven’t played it or seen it

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i like Minecraft and CoCo so i want to choose two or all XD

I hate cats they give me allergies and the bite me

This is turning into a would you rather, please remember that this is about games.



@Falcons118 come here you can talk about anything here

we already have a topic like this @ZAX155 it is this one © ?{SPOILERS FREE}[“Doritos included"]Editing Google, CodeCombat hero slots,CodeCombat map, Doritos and other stuff LOL [Also Some Movie Ratings + Some Songs]FORTNITE!/#wayTooLongTopicDescription #TheTopicIsConfusingLOL.#IlluminatiConfirmed#OOF

no according to @Lydia_Song we cannot talkabout anything we want in there

but this topic is parallel to that topic