Ezeroth's Timepiece is Released!

You can now obtain Ezeroth’s magical watch, Ezeroth’s Timepiece. It grants a new method, hero.timeLeft, which returns how much time you have left in the level. Additionally, it grants a special ability, time-travel, which places a time anchor on the current target location, and 3 seconds after casting the spell, the target will be teleported back to the anchor, and their health will be reverted to what it was 3 seconds before! Use this ability wisely when you are trying to escape tight situations, or heal potentially massive amounts of health. This ability has a short cooldown of 10 seconds, so it can be powerful if used at the right moment.
Time Travel

You can now buy this watch for 2360 :gem: from the store!


Hey everyone! I just reworked the ability so it’s more useful and strategically interesting! The ability should, if used correctly, be much better than the previous. A preview of the ability is attached in the GIF above. Enjoy! :tada: