Ezeroth's Timepiece bug

I have found that if the hero dies while under the time-travel effect from the timepiece, the hero stays dead even when they regain their previous health. This seems to go against the purpose of Ezeroth’s timepiece as it seems to have been made to absorb damage the hero takes. I am unsure weather this is intentional or a bug, but I thought I should state this in case it is a bug.

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Yeah, I noticed this bug too

You might died before you time-travelled, that’s why even if you regain hp after you are still dead.

That’s not possible, it stores your current HP when you time-travel, so if you were already dead you wouldn’t regain health, you can’t cast spells once you die, and I know for a fact that I did not die before I time-traveled. (Also, it’s “time-traveled”, not “time-travelled”, only one ‘l’)

Also, there’s a synergy/bug with Ezeroth’s timepiece and Ring of Earth, where you use ring of earth on yourself, then time travel, and if the earthskin wears off and you timetravel you gain the hp of the earthskinned self.

Hero is at 3000/5000 HP
Hero uses Earthskin
Hero is at 4500/7500 HP
Hero uses Time Travel
HP value “4500” is saved
Earthskin wears off
Hero is at 3000/5000 HP
Time Travel Activates
Hero is at 4500/5000 HP

Yes, that’s entirely possible, quite sure it’s not a bug… (unless your health gets set to over your max health)

I think the action for time-travelling takes 3 seconds, so you might died in that period, but the action will still be done.

It takes 0.5 seconds, and I know I died while it was active

I just changed the code so it shouldn’t(hopefully) revert the HP if the hero is dead. As for balancing, I’ve noticed some issues, so for now the healing is now only 50% effective until I find a better solution.

Edit: Reverted the nerf, but fixed health proportions(from spells) from breaking the ability.