Fast and furious need help in python


I totaly don’t understand how the long road level and fast and furious work together?

I don’t have any idea which way to go.
What exactly a pet must fetch?

If this is a programing study course teach us and help to pass the level. I consider paying a fee but first I need to know that you actually help ppl. That’s why we are here in fact. To learn! If I knew how to code I would not be here

my language is Python.


Well, this is an adventurer level, which means it’s still in playtest. It also means that it may be partially incomplete, and even though it is located on the forest map, it may not be part of the beginner campaign. So simply put, you may have not yet learned the concepts that are required. It requires the use of the event listener pet.on() which is only available on the Backwoods Buddy level in the main campaign. Do a few more of the (adventurer) pet levels to learn the concept.

@Brigi as @ant mentioned the levels build off of each other starting with Backwoods Buddy. It is actually the 7th level in the chain, so if you have reached the level directly I recommend going back to complete the levels before it. Resubmitting Backwoods Buddy should open up “Go Fetch” if you haven’t already done that.

  1. Backwoods Buddy
  2. Go Fetch
  3. Buddy’s Name
  4. Phd Kitty
  5. Pet Quiz
  6. Guard Dog
  7. Long Road
  8. Forest Jogging
  9. Forest Cannon Dancing

And once you have finished the Forest campaign levels then try the desert pet levels:

 10. Fast and Furry-ous

In the long road, you should have the pet fetch the potions that appear to the north and south of the player. To give to your hero and replenish its strength.

Honestly, when I made this level I didn’t think about series :slight_smile: I just had thought “Oh, it’s a funny idea” and made it.

i already passed 7th level Iknow what pet.on and go fetch.
How it corresponds with fast and furrious level?

What the pet should fetch? There’s nothing to fetch.

@valentin - i’m glad u passed the level, but it doesn’t help me.

explain what i suppose to order pet do?

When I said “I made it” I meant “I made it” :wink: I’m the author of that level.

Order it to run, but you need to use “spawn” event to use it asynchronical

@Brigi fetching has nothing to do with the fast and furious level.

But the skills you learned from playing each pet level should allow you to understand how to win. As @Bryukh has pointed out the pet.on() method is the key to synchronous movement.

In other words, what is the pattern that we have employed in every pet level up to this point? Using that pattern make the pet move.