Feature Request: Access previously written code without loading the level

It would be really useful to have a page that simply lists all of the levels you have played and lets you click one and see the currently active code for that level. (Without the actual game being there). Sometimes when people ask for help on the forums, etc i go back to my level and look at it to refresh my memory on how i did it.

Kind of sucks to have to go to the level wait for it to load then click play etc .

Just a nice to have!

afterthought, a code repository would be nifty as well. built into the game where you can “save” some code there and reference it later… not tied directly to your active code… that way you can toy with it at will and then just reload it from your repo


I like this idea as well

I also like this idea.

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I liked this post yesterday :wink:

Done and done!

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We could create a CodeModal and start attaching it to places like the world map and your user profile. Actually, it’s on our list to make it easy to browse other players’ solutions after the fact, and we could put yours in there, and you could see it that way. Yeah, that’ll go nicely with this feature.


Love it! :slight_smile: That sounds like a fantastic feature addition! Many benefits!

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I love the idea of being able to reference my own code (currently I cut and paste it into a file on my computer – not so great when I’m at a different computer)

I don’t like the idea of other people seeing my sucky code.

We can already look at peoples “competitive” code (the repeatables - I don’t like it) not all of that is “coding” some is creative thinking. I can understand the idea of code sharing as a form of learning, but as is said over and over on the forums. to paraphrase, “we don’t just give the solution, we ask people to tell the problem and what they expect and we explain…” (or something to that effect.)

So code for “regular” levels -after- solving it, that could be good. (unless they are looking at my code - it would need a don’t code like this warning)

Code for the “competitive” levels not the same . . . the feature where you can watch the other peoples solutions is awesome, makes you think – wow, how did they do that . . . oh! hmm, maybe like so – then you go try to do it. Then you are “thinking about solutions” (as the one quote says) and not just being a script kiddie.


doesn’t sound bad at all really, I think it’s a great idea in every way. :laughing:

Maybe you have a code bank and you could choose the code other people could see


I created a Forum account just to post this idea!

It is great to see that someone has already suggested it. As the levels have gotten more complex, I am reusing a lot of code from previous levels (such as “grab coins as fast as possible”). It would be fantastic to be able to read my previous code without having to load the graphics of the previous level.

Thank you!

P.S. Could we retitle this thread to “Feature Request: Access previously written code without loading the level” to get more participation?

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This is, indeed, a great idea! I had the same thought in the second world when needing to review some of the code snippets for placing and retrieving flags.

I copy and paste my code to NotePad++
and save it to text files in a folder I called Code Combat in my Documents folder
I do versioning too for each level as I’m always trying different solutions for each level.
I name each file by the level’s name and add the version number to the end.

But if you can bring all this into the platform then WooHoo!


I was thinking to start a post for starting a code repository. My suggested name: CODEBOOK.

This can be used by us to store functions. That way, we won’t have to write simple codes like finding best coin for every level every time or command archers to fight nearest enemy, etc. The CODEBOOK icon should appear when the gameplay is on so the that we can copy paste functions from it to our level code easily. An index for this CODEBOOK and pages (like in powerpoint/word style) will be helpful. @nick , @J_F_B_M - any hope?


Nothing more given than that. Don’t expect anything before the tournament (and its aftermath, the hiring) is over though. It’s still on the list, but not as simple to realize (the campaign-view has to tap in the level-view, the whole thing reversed, …)

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Roleplaying games sometimes have journals. Previously written and successful code snippets could be a person’s journal for this game.


I would love to see this as well. Hackerrank does a really interesting thing with allowing you to “fork” your code within the text editor. It keeps a read only version of a point in time (you had a solution or were on one track, but you want to try something different) so you can see all your prior attempts where you forked, but they are read only and only the latest code is editable. This might tie in nicely as well.


Creating functions for my self is the best way to quickly and efficiently get through levels. There is (as I see it) no good reason to type the same attacking function when it is identical, and repetitive. I look forward to this feature addition. Thanks to the Dev Team.