Where to look things up that I've learned in the past

I’m rather new to Codecombat. I’m a teacher and have shown Codecombat to my students, but right now, I’m actually using it to learn to code myself. Going through the levels, I often find myself in the situation of thinking that in this level, I’ll need a method or some knowledge that I’ve already used in a previous level, but can’t remember which level it was, or I have only a general idea what I wanna do but can’t remember the exact name of the thing I’m looking for.
I always carefully read through the hints of each level, and often they don’t contain what I’m looking for.
So I looked for some sort of wiki, compendium, knowledge base etc. for learners where I can just search for pieces of code, a cheat sheet of sorts (similar to this, but containing all the commands, methods, etc.), just something to help me remember how that thing worked that I used in a previous level.
Is there any such thing here on Codecombat?

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I have a pastebin account that I use for that. My daughter and I both paste chunks of code there that we use repeatedly. I got it on sale around Christmas time for really cheap. Look for great deals around any holiday. With a lifetime, paid account I can secure it (free accounts on pastebin and github are public and I won’t publically post completed game code). Also, I have a screenshot of every level I’ve ever completed separated by campaign so if I recall having done something before I can click through the jpg’s and find what I’m looking for. My daughter is a campaign behind where I am and it’s very useful to have these levels saved and available. Also, I have uploaded this for easy access to game levels.


Nice stuff :slight_smile:

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You have yourself a nifty solution there. Also, thanks for the link to your levels table!
But I don’t see why that couldn’t be part of Codecombat itself. Why the need to keep my code outside the site? Why not organize it in a way that all the lessons learners have gone through are easy to look up?

Convenience isn’t free. Adding functionality is time consuming and expensive and the fact is that this is a young and growing business. I’m sure that if I thought about it, I could come up with 100+ ideas of things Code Combat could do to make things better, but then again maybe they shouldn’t do any of those things because learning to do things for oneself is part of learning to code.

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I agree some of the things that don’t quite work out, aren’t quite clear, or have minor faults make you think and try alternative options. They have actually proven to be more beneficial in the long run.

I keep “rich text documents” of all the levels I learn new things with a link to what level it was on and then the code I used. There is also the “methods” section which describes allot and hints (top right) which can help point you in the right direction.


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