[SOLVED] Yak Rampage confusion

Hey, just became a subscriber and I am super happy! Do any of you know how to beat Yak Rampage? Really struggling with it.

Can you post your code

Well, I have only done the Pick up flag usual thingy but I cant think how I would improve it.

Your equipment 20 chars

Wait, thought of something would the invisibility ring work?

What is the yak armor like? Any good?

It’s called Tauran Armor. The health is not great but it has good regeneration.

it has good health depending were you are in the game. also @QinWentian try using blue fox if you have it

use invisibility, blue fox, and a free hero.

I used pender + invisibility + blue fox + flags

usse the flags to go around the edge in a circle, it helps a lot.

you don’t need pender @Code_Master you can use her but I did it with a starter hero like alehandro. and your strategy it good @_Codemaster

I know, Pender have low health. 3 hits == death.

Even worse than my pet… :sweat_smile:

that is why do something like orman or nalfar possebly hushbam

:wave: I’m actually the creator of this level. I’d definitely love to help you out.
Before the level’s release, I’ve playtested with Tharin w/ no ring of speed and completed it successfully because the speed of yaks scale depending on your hero’s speed. However, faster heroes will still have a higher advantage. A fast hero like Zana + The Precious can easily beat this level. Here’s a demo clip of my run w/ Zana:


You don’t need fancy hero’s to win this level you can beat it with a hero like Anya or Alehandro

Thanks to your help I did it!

okay just mark someones post as solved since it is

I tried invisibility and it makes me pretty slow. I am using Arryn