Feedback: Snowflakes on the ice

Overall a great and fun level! My one suggestion is to put in the comments somewhere that there is a picture of the goal in the help information. Probably people have figured this out by now, but it can’t hurt to explicitly state it.

Both Snowflakes on the Ice and Fractalization were quite interesting because I’d never drawn fractals on a computer before.

Typo in one of the comments in SotI: (it’s)

# First we need to get the full vector and it's magnitude to determine if we are below our minimum threshold.

In Fractalization, I got an error saying “Maximum call stack size exceeded”. It still happened when I tried drawing a smaller Koch curve. Anyone know what might be wrong?

Edit: Found the problem:
Instead of vector.magnitude() I had vector.magnitude which resulted in the base case never being met.

Thanks for the feedback on the levels. I’ll fix the typo and remind people to check the guide. (I tend to forget to check the guide as well.)

I had lots of fun making the levels. Wait til the third installment comes out. You get to use everything you’ve learned with no starting code! :smile:

More feedback for Fractalization:
The stopping condition (n<3) wasn’t actually specified in the plan. It was implied in the guide though.

Line 32 could be more specific
This point works out to adding another third to A
I think “this point” was referring to point C but that was not specified.

And maybe do something to stop the error from occurring when the level is first loaded.

And check out this flower art I made using the stuff I learnt from the two levels:

Very interesting stuff. Perhaps a little bit too challenging for me personally but that’s likely a problem between me and my brain.

Also, when I finally manage to draw a snowflake with a passing grade, it looks like this:

Oh the asymmetry… Oh the shame…

Is this normal or is something wrong with me?

Edit: Just looked at the image in the help section and realised that this might actually be normal. Still the question remains, why does this happen?

Yeah, somewhere the division makes it miss that one extra line.

Since it only adds the extra line if the original is at least a distance of ‘n’ (I don’t remember the exact cutoff). Looks like somehow that line becomes slightly less than n, while the others are slightly more than n. Not sure exactly why that works that way.

But congratulations!

Ah, that makes sense. Indeed reducing the cutoff by .1 makes for a symmetrical snowflake. 3.9 isn’t at very pretty number though…


Now I just need to gather enough courage to start Fractalization… Good job on these new challenging levels!