Feedback Wanted: Data Visualization Project

Hey guys!
It’s been a while – Life has been pretty busy all of a sudden, and I apologize that I can’t read all of your messages. Hopefully, winter break will give me time to breathe and check out what has changed so far.
I have a little favor to ask you guys – For my Data Science project, I built an interactive dashboard(See below) on the World Happiness Index(Source)

Obviously, I’m not fully happy with what I built, so I’d love some feedback. If you could spare a few seconds to fill out this form, I would be so thankful!

By the way, you can try your own customizations here. Let me know what kind of new insights you found!

Again, it would be very appreciated if you could fill out the form. It truly means a lot!

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Really nice and easy to read. Maybe in last 2 charts flip the Rank legend upside-down, putting rank 1 on top is better?

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