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FizzBuzz Path: Possible to get less than 14 statements?


I’ve just tried FizzBuzz Path. My worry is that there isn’t a way to get less than fourteen statements with the code they give you. It’s more like 17 statements. Even with the most efficient code I can think of, it makes exactly fourteen statements. Are we absolutely sure there is a way to get the bonus?

Feedback: FizzBuzz Path

My solution is only 12 statements (if I count correctly) but I don’t get the bonus either.

Just to make sure: the following (pseudo)code counts as 4 “statements”, right?

if something:
    move here
    move there


I’m experiencing a similar issue. If I’m counting correctly, my solution contains only 3 statements and I’m not getting the bonus.

FWIW, my solution consists of:

var step = 0;
while (true) {
        /* bunch of inlined infix and ternary expressions */


I made it in 8 statements (if I understand statements correctly that is), but I did not get the bonus, so I think it may be broken? I was just going to write about it and ask if anybody had this problem too ^^"

EDIT: Forgot to mention - I used JS


Aether counts statements differently (according to @nick), so it’s probably an issue with Aether.

(To see what Aether thinks:)['Hero Placeholder'].plan.metrics

JavaScript AST documentation (which has info for counting statements) can be found here.

So with the FizzBuzz puzzle, if solving this with if/else’s, would be possible with less than 14 statements:

- Program
  - body: WhileStatement (1)
    - body: BlockStatement (2)
      - body: IfStatement (3)
        - consequent: BlockStatement (4)
          - body: ExpressionStatement (5)
        - alternate: IfStatement (6)
          - consequent: BlockStatement (7)
            - body: ExpressionStatement (8)
          - alternate: IfStatement (9)
            - consequent: BlockStatement (10)
              - body: ExpressionStatement (11)
            - alternate: BlockStatement (12)
              - body: ExpressionStatement (13)

If you drop the opening and closing braces with the if/else’s you can eliminate extra BlockStatements (and save 4 statements).


Aye, successful 11 lines in python, and no bonus.


i finished it in 12 statements and it said i didn’t get the extra but then at the end it gave me the reward for less than 14 statements


I worked a bit more on my previous solution, went down to 9 statements (1x loop + 4x if+move), but still no bonus (python).

update: I also tried another working solution with only 3 statements (positions = …; loop; move), but no bonus either.


It’s impossible:

this.moveXY(this.pos.x, this.pos.y+30);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x+10, this.pos.y-10);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x, this.pos.y+40);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x+10, this.pos.y-10);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x, this.pos.y+30);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x-10, this.pos.y+10);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x, this.pos.y+20);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x+10, this.pos.y);
this.moveXY(this.pos.x, this.pos.y+10);

sais succesfull, and is the only code I use. but no less than 14 statements bonus, whilst I have 9. I’ll also try it with pure coordinates.

Nope, this doesn’t get the bonus either, but does count as a succes.

this.moveXY(20, 40);
this.moveXY(30, 30);
this.moveXY(30, 70);
this.moveXY(40, 60);
this.moveXY(40, 90);
this.moveXY(30, 100);
this.moveXY(30, 120);
this.moveXY(40, 120);
this.moveXY(40, 130);


Each number counts as a statement. Together with the moveXY commands, your code is more like 27 statements long.


I don’t think the level is meant to be solved with moveXY to specific coordinates at all; rather it’s based off of the Fizz Buzz game/puzzle and you’re supposed to use conditionals with modulo.

As for counting (real) statements (when transformed to JavaScript) there would be 18 ExpressionStatements, each with a CallExpression that takes in two arguments (which are Expressions).

The bonus achievement has been removed, though it would be for the best to solve the puzzle without hardcoding values.




Don’t worry, I tried 10 different ways of doing it, just to see if I could get the achievement XD


Well the goal remains but for now there’s no reward for actually completing the bonus objective.