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Flags to show the subject and state of a topic


Would be good if topics could get flags, this way you could show that it is just a question or more of a discussion. And if it is a question/bug/problem you could have like different flags for the process of the issue. Like unsolved, solved, in progress, etc… Just an idea, but now i often go into topics to then notice that it’s already fixed.


Are you thinking we would use Discourse’s categories for this? I would prefer to keep them to a minimum if possible, so there aren’t as many in the categories list. For things like bugs, I’d hope we could move most of them to the GitHub issues, actually. That already has great support for bug status tracking. I’ll update the Bug category to suggest that.


Sure and users can still have Bugs here as well, linked to that bugs.

I created a Solved category, that you can use to mark categories with that are solved. Can we fix that you can use more then one category for a topic, or is that impossible?


Looking at the Discourse meta discussion, it seems that multiple categories won’t be supported, and perhaps not tags, but that sub-categories would be. Anyway, it’s not ready yet. What we can do is untag Bug and tag Solved.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking of as a solution too, I guess we go with that than.