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We want to see how you are feeling about discourse. We want feedback so we can improve user experience and fix issues. We also want to ideas to improve the UX of discourse so I can change the UX to make it more user friendly.


I know this has been mentioned already but I think a quiz to improve basic user’s knowledge of the Discourse, it’s purposes and how to format you code would be good. I looked at the guide but It was quite confusing.
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I think when you edit your post, it should not go back to the top of the recent list. The same for topics.
Sometimes when I look at the topic at the top of the recent list nothing has visibly changed, which is confusing.
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Good point. Unfortunately, you’ll have to submit that feedback in Meta. It’s easy.

As i noticed with a recent Topic:
After seeing a topic and reading and checking it, it was marked as “watching” for me,
after that it has been moved to a category i don’t have access to, but still recieved notifications of edits/posts inside, which was confusing as i had no access to that topic anymore.
So one thing to improve could be (so confusion like that wouldn’t occur)
to have notifications check if that user still has access to it and if not, ignore possible notifications.
(believe me, it’s really confusing, especially if the user experiencing it has no idea what’s going on)

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Reported to Discourse Meta. Thanks.

I would enjoy having a category that is built just for “Game Tips and Insights”. There are several components of the game that aren’t fully explained and they are not always covered in the other discussions. While I’ve pieced together some of the main details, it took me quite while to find the information I was looking for in the random topics. And I spent more time getting confused trying to write the code because I was missing the details. A way for more advanced players to share some of their knowledge to help newbies. Some ideas…

*** Primary concepts of coding with more detailed explanations

  1. Full Introduction to heroes and their pros and cons
    a. considering what hero to use for different levels
    b. understanding that each class has their own type of gear
    c. comparison of the gear

  2. If something has to be bought while in the level and how much:
    a. traps cost nothing while caltrops do.
    b. the cost for the different type of minions

  3. debugging methods
    a. use hero.say and the limitations (time spent)
    b. console.log

  4. Blending methods and knowing their checks and limitations so they don’t overlap
    a. invisibility has kicked my butt a few times since I didn’t understand its full scope
    b. attacking - warriors need to be in range which can create problems

It already exists. Go to the Scribe category. Feel free to create a new guide there. :slight_smile:

Reported via:

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Though i remember seeing your name on the second notification that i couldn’t really view at that time.
To be more precise, the steps i remember doing before i recieved (multiple) notifications that i couldn’t view (might’ve been the same after a refresh of the site or something not sure anymore)

  1. View the topic in question and have it open long enough to be marked as watching
  2. (Unsure of this one) Use another tab to do things, keeping the old tab open as time goes by.
  3. Recieved a notification on another tab, which i used more actively - couldn’t enter unsure who and what
  4. time goes by, surfing the board again.
  5. Recieved another Notification with your name for a reply - couldn’t enter
  6. refreshed site, immediately got another, clicked on it again, couldn’t enter.
  7. time’s gone by until it was moved back and i recieved another notification, then realizing why it was the way it was.

Or… could there have been multiple threads that you’ve replied on that then got moved/deleted? (Currently I only know of one)

Maybe… i should just create an account on that meta discourse :sweat_smile:
Anyway, thanks for reporting it for me!

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Sure! That’ll help!

There’s only one that was recategorized by @Deadpool198.

Note: @Deadpool198, next time you see a solution, please flag it instead of recategorizing it and confusing others without access, it’s quicker for moderators to see, and makes our job much easier.


Ok, I will. :wink:
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I also have some different feedback:
On your Welcome to CodeCombat Discourse Forums! topic, it states that:
“Spamming likes, (Over 15 a day at once) will result in a ban”.
I think this is a tiny bit unfair, considering how large the like limit actually is. What’s the point of having a 50 like limit (I think this is what it was when I was TL2, so I might have even more now) when you can’t do more than 15? I know you said “at a time”, but, unlike TL3 or higher, I think most people only visit the discourse once in a single day, and many (the majority) once a week or even month. So they might have lots of posts they’ve missed and want to like, but get banned for doing so.
Maybe if they’re in one topic, or on one or two users, then that might merit a warning, (then, subsequently: a mute/ban).
I think that would be more reasonable.
What do you think @Chaboi_3000, @Luke10?
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Good to know! I misunderstood what that category was intended. I thought it was meant for the official documentation, like the Scribe articles in the game or the hints.

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Yeah I do believe it is unfair. There was one time when I was gone for 8 months. I was trying to get caught up and wanted to like over 15 posts that I had missed but I couldn’t. I think maybe moderators should looks at the consistency of people spamming and then decide whether to mute/ban them.

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Updated. (20 characters)


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