Forcing Subscription on Free Levels

Hi, my students have been creating and playing the free codecombat, on some specific levels, even though they are red and free, have been asking them to create a subsriber account. If they do not, they cannot pass that level.

I have fixed this by logging them out and strating brand new without an account, but this doesn’t seem viable 50 minutes into a lesson.

This happened on the following levels, Hack and Dash, Cell Commentary, The first red level on backwoods forest and about the 5th red level on backwoods forest.


hmm i dont know whats wrong ill ask @nick and @Bryukh

Is it the blue you can’t do without a subscription? If that is the case this is well likely a bug. @Chaboi_3000 Any ideas? Also sorry for pinging you.

Wait, is the subscription thing a popup? I’ve seen the popups before. Just close the popup.

Rory, if you have students, you should be using the classroom version of CodeCombat by creating a teacher account and inviting them to your classroom to create student accounts. That will let you get the first course of the classroom version, Computer Science 1, for free (roughly equivalent to the dungeon world). For more content outside the first free course, our school support team would be happy to talk about whether the paid licenses could meet your needs–you can contact them at

The home/individual version is for players playing on their own, outside the context of a school or teacher’s classroom. We are adjusting the amount of free levels in that version for new accounts in order to be able to support our business, trying to figure out the best balance between providing free learning opportunities and being able to sustainably provide the service.


Does getting on both count as cheating? Cuz I started as an individual account, then joined a class, once the grade ended, I left the class. And I saw that the levels in computer science 1 was a blue level.

If you have a class code from a teacher, nothing but juggling two logins (or asking us to convert your account type) is stopping you from creating a student account and a home account, but please don’t create a teacher account if you aren’t a teacher; it’s very confusing in our system.

I’m a student, my teacher makes new stundets join classes every year, and removes us from the classroom.

Hello, I have the same problem, I am blocked on the supposedly “free” level “Hack and Dash”. I have an account on my own (no classroom or whatsoever).
I debuted the game with a friend at the same moment, and she could do that level and I couldn’t. I have the pop-up that I should get the Premium version. But in order to continue the “adventure” I have to get passed that level. The only levels I am able to do are the ones I already passed.

This should explain the issue.

Yes, but it doesn’t explain why my friend could continue and I couldn’t.
As we had the same type of account, began the same day at the same time, and we was learning the same language (Python) etc.