I dodge the fireballs for the first few seconds, then all 3 areas spam fireballs and they’re impossible to avoid.
I even tried walking to a “blind spot” and my hero cannot pass this level.
It was pretty funny though haha so I’ll give it that.

Okay not funny anymore, this is a required level to continue playing :confused:

post a link to the level so i dont have to search it up in the level editor

also, post a screenshot showing 3 fireballs parallel to each other kill your hero.

ok found it in editor
here’s the default code:

# In this level the evilstone is bad! Avoid them walking the other direction.
while True:
    evilstone = hero.findNearestItem()
    if evilstone:
        pos = evilstone.pos
        if pos.x == 34:
            # If the evilstone is on the left, go to the right side.
            # If the evilstone is on the right, go to the left side.
        # If there's no evilstone, go to the middle.

Just do what it says: if the lightstone(item) is on the left, you moveXY to the right mark. If it’s on the right, you MoveXY to the left mark. If there is no item, moveXY to center mark.

it’s pretty flag-cheat proof :slight_smile:

Thanks! I don’t even remember what I did before. I think I may have mixed my left & rights.

Yep. If you try to cheat, more fireballs!

LOL @maka you really need to make this level better somehow… cuz i found out i can do
while True: hero.moveXY(43, 43)
and pass the level anyway XD

HELP! i have bean stuck on this lvl for ever now i do the hole thing right then i click submit the it just changes! PLZ HELP!!! :frowning:

ugh still stuck pleas send help!:disappointed::rage::sob:

REEEEEEEEE!!! PLEASE SEND HELP SO HARD!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi. Well, maybe you don’t follow level instructions and don’t use “if” statements?
Show us your code properly formatted so we can see what’s wrong.
I passed it 5 minutes ago.