[Solved] Forest fire dancing help please i cant pass it

i dont know what to put at else hero.moveXY(40, 23)

while True:
    evilstone = hero.findNearestItem()
    if evilstone:
        pos = evilstone.pos
        if pos.x == 34:
            hero.moveXY(46, 22)
            if evilstone:
                if pos.x ==46:
                    hero.moveXY(34, 23)
        hero.moveXY(40, 23)

can you please give the link to this level?


thanks for helping me

um did you solve it??

no i almost finished it

then why did u tick solve?

sorry i didnt know what it does

what i did for your code was delete

this line
and then

change that to elif

if not then(i can’t help you cause i have to go off sry)

i know what to do now it was one thing hat i did rong

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