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Fortnite with game design?

Couldn’t you make fornite battle royale on codecombat, basically(well, no deploying, picking up weapons(well maybe), and player interactions)

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so then what is in it? (I don’t play fornite.)

ogres = enemies, potions and that stuff = medkits/ chug jug whatsoever, i don’t play, just my friends talk about it all day. (hey it rhymes!)

I was just finished playing a match of Fortnite XD

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i mean, could you tho?

It will take a while, to make ogres to be hostile to each other, and med kits prob is hard to make in codecombat, so I’ll just stick with the real Fortnite.

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i mean, just for fun.

You can try… :man_shrugging:

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what level did you used to be able to get master sword again?

I don’t have the master sword

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but which level did you used to get it from?

Robot ragnorok (2000)

No that’s for wyverns claw, master sword is apocalypse

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im working on fornite codecombat lol

You’re gonna have to make a new thang for med kits and other stuff and we need new skins like ragnarok and omega

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it will be a very bad representation

and to make stuff attack each other, I think u can use attackFriends

how many teams are there going to be?

u know what? I quit. This is way too rage

I just did this instead because i was bored. (Its really easy)