Frozen fortress infinitely loop

I experienced only only small portion of games loss due to infinitely loop after “rank my game”

Is it a bug?

I just try take out the hero. Build outside an if statement seems no loop problem, but the game result is totally not as expected

Hi icep077ke welcome to the discourse! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: as you know, this place is where you can ask for help, get hints on levels, share experiences that you had while playing codecombat, reporting bugs, etc.! Could you send me a screenshot of your code or post the code in a comment here so that I could see what might be wrong with it?

Thanks for reply
Actually I defined a buildIndex to control my tower build strategy, buildIndex will increment by 1 when finished convert farm to cannon/ice

I just want stop after all farm coverted, so…

If buildIndex < 7:,position)

This if statement is important to win some top players, but seems this triggered loop problem to some of the player.

Hi icep077ke when posting your code it is important to format your code properly. Here is a link to help you here. But I think I can work with this. Have you tried taking out that piece of code and seeing if it works? If it still glitches it might have to do with some other loop.

No idea for websocket connection failed error

Is this you?

Yes, its me

Thanks still follow my post

How did you get so high if your code is getting stuck in a infinitey loop?