Boring of InfiniteLoop or Really slow message

I’m almost 100% sure that I don’t have infiniteloop, so maybe code is too slow?, I can share my code with DM, how can I make this go away?

Your code would have to be really, really slow to trigger it. More likely is some sort of syntax error or something like this. If you send it to me, I can take a look.

I cant get in to see my code,
as when I try to log in it gives me the infinite loop warning, and gives me the option to try again, or reset and lose all my code… :frowning:

It was running fine, and has been simulated against loads of people.

Frazer, try appending &skip_flow=true to the URL that you’re playing and let me know if that allows you to recover your code. So the URL would look like this:

Does that help?

It did work.

I’m going to PM you my code

it makes it quite a lot less rewarding to keep coding if it crashes as soon as your code gets to a certain length :frowning: