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Game crash when trying to enter a level


I must have made a mistake in code because I cannot get into “Shine Getter” The app crashes and doesn’t give me any options to comment out like in the past. Tried reloading, changing browsers, changing language, character, and gear. No luck.


I see the problem; it’s somehow exploding instead of handling the infinite loop. I have recovered your code…

Ah, it was this part:

while coinIndex < len(coins):
    coin = coins[coinIndex]
    if coin:
        #coins += coinIndex  # Nick: Removed this part; this was making a super mega long string out of coins, which is a list originally.
        # ...

We’ll need a better way to avoid crashes for this sort of thing; I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks Nick. I was able to get in as it gave me the option this time to comment out my code.