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Level: Shine-Getter-Javascript


Hey guys. I’m stuck on this level where my guy gets the firs 3 gold coins but then it wont do anything else. Any suggestions?
Here is my code:
loop {
var coins = this.findItems();
var coinIndex = 0;
while (true){
var coin = coins[coinIndex];
coinIndex = coinIndex + 1;
if (coin) {
if (coin.value == 3) {
var coinp = coin.pos;
var x = coinp.x;
var y = coinp.y;
this.moveXY(x, y);


And IDK Why it is not registering as a code on this website so just deal with it.


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There are multiple levels regarding Shine Getter. Please use the search function to find them.


is just plain wrong. The FAQ tells you how to do it properly, read it and try again in an existing topic.