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Game development levels (SOLVED)

help when i try to move it wont let me i tried many options

Welcome to the forum! This is a family-friendly place where coders can share bugs, ask for help on any CodeCombat level (don’t forget to post your code correctly), or just hang out with other coders. But before you proceed, please check out our guidelines: this topic.
Have a great time! :partying_face:

Hi! Do you have a code? If so, please post it.

// When playing, click an ogre to attack!
// No need to type any code for this level, just click Test Level!

// The following code spawns a playable hero:
game.spawnPlayerXY("guardian", 40, 40);

// These add goals to the level:

// This spawns some enemies to fight:
game.spawnXY("munchkin", 40, 25);
game.spawnXY("munchkin", 15, 15);
game.spawnXY("munchkin", 65, 15);

// This spawns a maze for the player:
game.spawnXY("forest", 30, 54);
game.spawnXY("forest", 50, 54);
game.spawnXY("forest", 30, 48);
game.spawnXY("forest", 50, 48);
game.spawnXY("forest", 30, 40);
game.spawnXY("forest", 50, 40);
game.spawnXY("forest", 30, 32);
game.spawnXY("forest", 50, 32);
game.spawnXY("forest", 30, 26);
game.spawnXY("forest", 50, 26);
game.spawnXY("forest", 30, 10);
game.spawnXY("forest", 50, 10);
game.spawnXY("forest", 22, 26);
game.spawnXY("forest", 58, 26);
game.spawnXY("forest", 14, 26);
game.spawnXY("forest", 66, 26);

Thank you! And now, since I am not a subscriber, you will have to wait for someone else to help :confused:.

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I am ready to help!I am a subscriber.

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nvm it fixed itself welp

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This is only good.Btw, welcome!

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