Game Development 2 Level 7

Im just completely lost on how to go about this level. I keep trying to use the moveXY() function to get the gems but it only seems to register the last moveXY() I type making the hero only move to the last point not the others.

increase ur hero.speed

Welcome to the forum @Michael_Phelps. Are you trying to get a bunch of gems? If yes then I think you should write a line of code that does not need a number for x and y. For example: hero.moveXY(item.pos.x, item.pos.y);Does that help?


hero.speed = 100

or somthin

cool i didn’t know hero could do that

I do it all the time @Jeremy_Yu

Please don’t revive random topics without relating to the purpose of the topic. Unfortunately Jeremy is not active anymore…
Thank you