[Solved] Nine Gems script problem!

Hi, im new here! So when i fist time open the map, then all work fine. After first run before i push the hint button all script freezes. I can wrote anything in the code section but my caracter stay still and do nothing. Any help about it?

The strating code don’t show any error’s

– Collect all the gems in 4 moveXY’s or less!
– Programmers need to think creatively!

– Here i started my code, but the script don’t use it and caracter don’t move.
hero.moveXY(32, 48)

Thanks for the help!

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This might be caused by your code running for too long. I get this problem a lot, is there like a lot of loops in your code?
Also what level?

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It’s great that you solved this level but please don’t post finished, working code or final solutions. The purpose of this board is to help people learn and simply providing solutions is counterproductive toward that goal. Thanks.